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Welcome to your First Day at Amazicom

Visual Novel - Free

Welcome to Your First Day...

You are PP-111, an artificial sentience, and it's your first day on the job as a picker/puller for Amazicom, Inc.!

Your job is simple - help make the Customers the very happiest they can be!

What could be better than that?


Developed by

The Team

Fable "UberTheMeh" Bae

direction, development, art

Jonaya Riley

writing, dev support, UI



Anna Marcus


Lorelei Thee

additional writing

An anti-capitalist narrative

  • A story of corporate survival and what it means to be a person... even when you're not a person at all

  • A satire of the absurdity of corporatism and the depths it will sink to in pursuit of profit

  • Build your affinity with your co-workers... or your enigmatic supervisor

  • Make choices that will influence the outcome of the narrative

Small... but mighty!

  • A bite-sized narrative designed for short play sessions - each ending takes about 20 minutes to achieve

  • Six different endings

  • Original art and music

Available  Now!

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